Tournament Information

This page describes everything you need to know about our tournaments.  For the tournament even calendar, please click here.

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Yugioh tournaments cost $5 to play. At completion of play, all players will be given a $5 store credit to spend on anything in the store. They can also elect to get a Yugioh ots pack. These packs contain 3 cards and are not available for sale, they are only for tournament participants. Additional prizes will be awarded for players that place high in the tournament. This tournament is available for players of all ages. Most players are high school and college age.

We also have Yugioh sneak peek events.

We have one Yugioh tournament per month for players age 13 and younger.

Pokemon – The Pokemon event is for younger players to play or trade their cards. It is a relaxed atmosphere. There are no winners or losers, just a lot of fun!

Magic the Gathering – We have many magic the gathering tournaments: pre release, launch party, Magic Friday night and Magic game day. They are sanctioned events so please bring your dci#.

Vanguard – Vanguard tournaments are gaining in popularity. The tournaments cost $5 and players receive $5 in store credit at completion of play. Winners will be awarded additional prizes.

Sports Card Packhunts- Sports card pack hunt is a night for the entire sports collecting family.  It’s held once every 4 to 6 weeks. Packhunts consist of sports packs at greatly reduced prices with free food and drink.

There are hundreds of dollars in prizes involving hall of fame autographs, jersey and bat cards!
Boy Scout Event
 yugioh tournament

 vanguard tournament

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